Thursday, December 16, 2021

Pampers' End of Year Clearance Sale on December 16 that Parent's Shouldn't Miss!

Pampers is having an end-of-year clearance sale this December 16 and any parent shouldn't miss out on this! 

Pampers is dedicated to helping Power Parents provide their babies a comfortable, healthy development and has been endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance and approved by Smart Parenting Moms worldwide.

Rashes are the one thing that I don't ever want my baby to have. I get so mad at myself when Khali gets rashes because the diaper I used was not able to fully absorb the wetness. This is why I went on a hunt and finally found Pampers. 

New Pampers Baby Dry: the NEW Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe helps babies maintain good skin and overall health, so they can be their most active and be comfortable to kembot as much as they please. Pampers Pants provide all-around protection from rashes because of the elevated skin health proposition, Rash Shield with ALOE ingredient, improved leg leak guard, skin protection cues & wider diaper perception, and new fresh aloe scent.

Aircon Pants: Provides all-around breathability for the baby throughout the day. Has 10 million breathable microholes, is a 3-way fit for leakage prevention and absorbs up to 4 loads of water.

Overnight Pants: Absorbs up to 1 night's worth of pee with its front-to-back absorbency. Features "Overnight Humidity Ventilation Technology", super soft, breathable material to keep baby's skin fresh and dry. Unique 360-degree gentle belt fit + protection to prevent any leakage. Extra Protection from leakage with leak guards and triple absorb layers, making every night worry-free.

Pampers End of Year Clearance Sale is the perfect gift for moms to save more! Pampers also has Faster Delivery and Exclusive Offers for those residing in the Visayas! 

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  1. Pampers is trusted my moms more many years truly highly recommended for it's affordable and comfortable


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