Monday, December 13, 2021

Giving Your Family A Glass of This 100% Pure Cow’s Milk at Breakfast Supports Their Daily Nutritional Needs

Breakfast is an important meal for most Filipinos, and it’s for a good reason. A healthy and nutritious breakfast has many benefits on the human body, including improved mental alertness, better brain health, mass muscle maintenance, and improved digestion, among many others. While some choose to skip breakfast, others opt for nutritionally inadequate options due to lack of time and other obstacles. 

The good news is that there’s a simple and refreshing way to ensure that your family gets the essential nutrients they need every day. Simply add a glass of the new Alaska Fresh Milk or Alaska Low Fat Milk to the household’s breakfast staples. 

Drinking milk with breakfast helps prepare you and your family for the day’s challenges. This is supported by a recent study published in the International Dairy Journal. Researchers found that drinking at least one glass of milk with breakfast could boost your family’s intake of crucial nutrients as well as positively impact brain health and mental performance. 

Furthermore, studies show that getting the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients from food alone is often unattainable², so getting help from sources such as ready-to-drink fresh milk is a great way to fill in the nutritional gaps. The new Alaska Fresh Milk and Alaska Low Fat Milk are both high in calcium, contain 20+ essential nutrients, and are good sources of protein—an essential nutrient that is the building block for the body tissues, such as the muscles and bones. This makes sufficient daily intake of protein a vital part of our diet.   

But where does Alaska’s ready-to-drink fresh milk line get its nutrients? This is where Alaska’s “Grass to Glass” process comes in. 

Nutritious, high-quality 100% pure cow’s milk from grass to glass 

Alaska Fresh, which is under Alaska Milk, a FrieslandCampina company, ensures that the quality of the milk begins with the quality of the grass the cows eat. This is crucial because if the grass lacks the proper nutrients, the milk produced by the cows is affected. 

Besides the quality of the grass, the company’s farmer partners also ensure that the cows live in a safe and healthy environment, where the optimal temperature is maintained. Living conditions play an important role in the quality of the fresh milk, so the cows get a lot of exercise, eat a diverse and well-balanced feed ration, and drink only clean water. The milk is then collected from the cows every three days to ensure freshness. 

“The milk in the new Alaska Fresh Milk and its Low-Fat variant is 100% pure cow’s milk from Europe. It has undergone Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) processing, which means the milk has been heated to allow you to keep it fresh for a longer time. And nothing is added to the fresh milk because it already contains everything good about milk,” said Joanne Angeles, Marketing Manager, Alaska Milk Corporation. 

The products are also strictly inspected by a government organization called the Dutch Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products. They ensure microbiological quality, hygiene, and composition, so you and your family only get the best quality ready-to-drink fresh milk.  

“High quality 100% pure cow’s milk with essential nutrients from grass to glass—this is our commitment to our customers. Alaska continues to be dedicated to giving Filipino families only high-quality food products that provide much-needed nutrients along with a well-balanced diet. All these production stages work together so you can give your family a glass of nutritious fresh milk. This is important to us at Alaska because milk is one of nature’s contributions to a well-balanced diet,” Angeles said.

Give your family a glass of the creamy and refreshing new Alaska Fresh Milk every morning 

The new Alaska Fresh Milk and Alaska Low Fat Milk contains only high-quality essential nutrients from grass to glass. So, make sure to include it in your family’s breakfast to help keep them 100% strong and get through the day’s challenges. 

The new Alaska Fresh Milk (Php 82.00 for the 1L pack and Php 28.00 for the 200 ml pack) and Alaska Low Fat Milk (Php 84.00 for the 1L pack and Php 29.00 for the 200ml pack) are available online and in your favorite supermarkets.   


  1. Iba talaga ang alagang Alaska. Yes to this healthy and delicious milk.

  2. Alaska a highly recommended and most trusted brand for many years.


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