Friday, December 17, 2021

DermDruff Dilemma: How to Know When Itch is Already Severe Dandruff

When you see a few flakes here and there from your head, it probably isn’t something you’ll pay a lot of attention to. But when those flakes start to become more and more noticeable, you start to worry about how you’d look in public with flakes falling from your scalp. You may have tried a lot of products already to alleviate the signs of dandruff, but if those haven’t worked and kept the flakes away, are you still dealing with ordinary dandruff, or is it already severe dandruff?

Dandruff is mainly caused by a fungus called Malassezia, which feeds on the natural oils of your scalp, causing dead skin cells to accumulate and shed. Another known factor to cause dandruff and affect scalp health is extreme humidity and changes in weather which Filipinos are exposed to regularly.

A mild itch is usually is the first symptom of dandruff and can act as a warning sign before flakes start to appear. Dryness and redness can also appear early too, making your scalp feel tight. When ignored, dandruff can worsen and result in more noticeable flakes, consistent itch, and an oily scalp. 

When your dandruff gets severe, it develops into a much severe case that we call, “DermDruff”. Large flakes start to fall off your scalp and even attach to individual strands of hair. Your scalp produces more sebum, making it excessively oily which attracts dirt, grime, and sweat to stay in the scalp. Like dandruff, DermDruff can cause #Itchuations, but with more intense and frequent itching.

As DermDruff is not your ordinary dandruff, it requires expert care solutions to manage it. Luckily, there’s a simple, easy, and effective way to treat it! Take a bath 2x a day using the NEW Head & Shoulders Professionals that has maximum anti-dandruff power to stop those severe DermDruff flakes from coming back!

The NEW Head & Shoulders Professionals is the best solution to your DermDruff woes. It is a premium 3-step anti-dandruff regimen that’s clinically proven to be 3x more effective against severe dandruff even from the first wash*.

Each product of this new, highly advanced, professional anti-dandruff line from Head & Shoulders helps fight and protect your scalp against DermDruff^. The shampoo effectively fights severe dandruff itch from the first wash. The conditioner has an outer tube that delivers the scalp a refreshing feeling, and an inner tube with a luscious lotion for hair conditioning. And to top it all off, the leave-on spray gives your scalp instant protection against severe dandruff and itch. 

You don’t have to hide your scalp line with caps and hats anymore or be cautious when you wear dark-colored clothing. By washing your hair 2x a day with Head & Shoulders and making it a habit, you can look forward to a clean scalp, prevent DermDruff from worsening, and enjoy #NoItchuations.

Try the NEW Head & Shoulders Professionals now and add it to your cart in Lazada!  

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