Sunday, December 12, 2021

3 Reasons to Shop at Enfagrow this 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

One of the many things that parents allot a lot of budget on is the milk that their kids need to drink to grow healthy and strong. Luckily, Enfagrow has an ongoing promotion this 12.12 on their official Shopee store

You can get up to 25% off on Enfagrow products this 12.12 Big Christmas Sale!  Now that's huge savings that any parent should take advantage of. 

There are 3 good reasons to choose Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro

1. Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro is the FIRST and ONLY with the GAME-CHANGING combination of MFGM, DHA plus a prebiotic blend with HMO; and now, with no added sucrose!

2. Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro is the first and only formula that contains a brain-boosting combination of MFGM Pro with a superior level of DHA to support your child's IQ and EQ development for a holistic smart child. Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro contains the highest levels of DHA at 35mg/serve to help support brain development. It also has MFGM Pro which plays an important role in supporting your child's cognitive development.

3. Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro also has immunity boosters, dual prebiotics with HMO, and beta-glucan for a strong defense against sickness. This dual blend of 2'-FL HMO and Fructooligosaccharides contributes to a healthy gut microbiome that plays a key role in supporting immunity.

I believe that kids up to 18 years of age should still drink milk because it will help with their growth. When you have something like Enfagrow, it can definitely aid your child to grow stronger and healthier. 

Take advantage of the ongoing sale this 12.12 so that you can save up at the same time. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a sale because this is a necessity and something that you need to stock up on. 

Download the official Shopee app if you haven't so you won't miss out on great promos!


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