Monday, November 15, 2021

Invest and Manifest: Why You Must Act on Your Dreams Now

The future still holds so much potential despite the pandemic, especially when you know how to manifest your dreams in life and follow through with long-term investments. All you need is the guidance of experts to show you how you can make this work so you can turn your manifestations into reality.

There are now VULs (Variable Universal Life plans) that not only give you the opportunity to get reliable investments but provide you with life protection as well. However, not all VULs are designed in the same way. 

Take, for example, FWD Life Insurance’s latest product, FWD Manifest. It is the first insurance product that protects and rewards you for investing more for a longer period to boost your wealth-building. It has the benefits a good VUL can offer such as life protection, investment opportunities in diverse global and local funds, accidental death benefit, customized protection booster, and premium waiver. 

For quick reference, here are four unique features that FWD Manifest has to offer:

Start-up Bonus – gets up to 30% of the basic annual premium on the first policy year to be added on the 5th and 10th year of the plan 

Premium Extension Bonus – gets 2% bonus if you decide to extend your premium payment after the required period 

Investment Protector Bonus – protects your stock market investments in case the Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index price goes lower than its original price five years ago. 

Guaranteed Milestone Increase – gives you a one-time pre-approved 20% benefit amount increase up to PhP2M. All they have to do to get this bonus is to choose which milestone in life they would want to celebrate, e.g. a wedding in five years, a house in ten, or perhaps retirement in 30 years

“We all have dreams in life that can come true only if we support them with action, and that’s the purpose of FWD Manifest. We hope to empower people to invest in what matters to them the most so they can celebrate living and stay strong especially during uncertain times,” said FWD Life Insurance President and CEO Li Hao Zhuang.

With life protection and financial health now packaged into one product (and with bonuses at that), you can confidently claim success right now from your manifested dreams. FWD Manifest makes it doable. 

Share with us your dream and the steps you’re taking to manifest it through our #ManifestMyDream contest on Instagram! Visit and discover the best way you can invest and manifest your future.


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