Friday, September 10, 2021

BDO ramps up digitization efforts with BDO Pay

BDO UNIBANK has broadened its roster of digital banking channels with the introduction of a mobile payment app that links directly to the client’s BDO account and credit card—making banking even more convenient, safer and responsive to its clients’ needs.

Called BDO Pay, this app will enable clients to use their savings account or credit card to do contactless payments for bills, to online sellers and various stores nationwide.

With this newest initiative, BDO clients need not move in and out of different apps just to transfer money from one account to another. Moreover, having a mobile payment app linked directly to a client’s bank account allows the former to save from paying cash-in fees repeatedly.

BDO clients with existing online banking account can easily use BDO Pay by just downloading the mobile app from Google Play, App Store, or Huawei AppGallery. Existing clients with no online banking account, are encouraged to sign-up first via and enroll. Once the online banking account is activated, clients can already download the BDO Pay app and start using it.

Meanwhile, non-BDO clients are invited to open a BDO account to experience the features of the said mobile payment app.

Digital upgrades to the better customer journey

BDO, which currently operates the most number of branches and ATMs in the country, has been enhancing its technology and security infrastructure to deliver its products and services in a faster, simpler, and more secure way for the clients.

“The digital initiatives do not only revolve around technology infrastructure but also the revamp of operational processes and the engagement of experts to enable the Bank to be more agile and responsive to its clients’ needs,” said BDO.

During the height of the pandemic, the Bank saw a substantial increase in usage of its BDO Online Banking and Mobile Banking channels as they provide BDO clients instant and easy access to all their BDO accounts, namely, credit cards, deposits, loans, and investments.

The widespread adoption of mobile and online banking habits is rising rapidly around the world largely due to COVID-19. This has propelled the banks to embrace the advantages of digital banking and give their clients the ability and control to do bank transactions and payments without the need to visit a branch.

In the Philippines, Filipinos are becoming more and more comfortable with cashless payments and doing online banking transactions in the new normal. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) targets to bring 70% of adult Filipinos into the banked population by 2023 and hopes that 50% of transactions—in terms of volume and value—done digitally. 


  1. BDO Pay seems to be a good apps. I dont use BDO but why not, after reading your post!

  2. Digital Payments are the In-thing nowadays and it's only time that BDO would have ramped up its efforts.

  3. I still don't use mobile apps for payments, but it does seem ok

  4. Sounds like a great app. That is so very helpful. I am so excited to used this app.

  5. i never heard about it before but it sounds like a good app. I think it's a great option where it is available

  6. Okay, so I may have to figure out how to utilize this!!

  7. It's always a great things when you get simpler ways to make payment. And innovation is growth and a good way to get more customers on board


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