Friday, August 13, 2021

SM Malls Online: Where Moms get their Tech Needs

I know that one of the things that have sent a lot of parents on a spiral is the fact that ECQ has been set so close to the opening of the school year. Since a lot of people tend to procrastinate, there are a lot of parents left wondering how they will be able to buy the laptop, printer, tablet, or phone that their kids would need for the school year if the malls are closed. 

Yes, there may be online stores out there but with the prevalence of Class A gadgets that easily break down, it can be scary to order a laptop sight unseen. Who would want to spend a lot of money and then receive a fake version of the item? No one, right? 

Well, this is where the SM Malls Online App comes in. 

Simply download the app from Playstore or the App Store, register with either your mobile number or email, and that's it. You can start shopping online and you get your trusted mall brands in one app. 

The SM Malls Online App is a trusted and legit online shop because it's literally the SM Mall placed at your fingertips via their app. This is very important especially when you are buying items like gadgets, phones, laptops, or tablets. You want to make sure that you're getting bang for your buck and that what you get is what you paid for.

An added bonus is you can shop online at any of their partner stores but you just need to pay ONE delivery fee. This is unheard of. 

There are currently 4 malls open via the SM Malls Online App and I'm so happy that SM Mall of Asia is one of them. The others are SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall, and SM City Fairview which will open on the 16th. 

You just need to go on the app and browse to see which stores are open but at a glance, there are a lot of stores that are open online so you can definitely get all the gadgets that you need to kickstart the school year. Acer, Canon, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and ASUS are just some of the brands where you can shop. 

Imagine, all of these are available via the SM Malls Online App. Literally, at the tip of your hand. 

I ordered ink for my Canon G3020 printer, the laptop because they have some of the lowest prices guaranteed, as well as the ROG Strix Go 2.4 Gaming Headset and ROG Pugio II Gaming Mouse from ASUS because I have a high school student and their new curriculum requires a higher-end laptop that can handle video rendering, as well as a Mi WiFi Repeater Pro from Xiaomi. 

He also wanted to be able to do some gaming so I had to take that into consideration.

This gaming headset is equipped with an included 3.5 mm cable and an AI Noise-Canceling Microphone that provides low-latency performance across PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch™, PS5, and smart devices.

It has a low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection via a USB-C adapter that’s compatible with Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, smart devices, PC, Mac, and PS5, plus a 3.5 mm connector for Xbox One and other 3.5 mm devices. This is definitely something that can add to the whole gaming experience.

If you have a kid who'll be going through online learning for the year, I'd definitely recommend the ASUS VIVOBOOK X515EA-EJ483T i3 11th Grey. This is perfect for those who are just in grade school since it's not too expensive but it can definitely get the job done. Right now, it's part of an ongoing promo so you can get 8% off and pay Php27,298.45 instead of Php29,9995. 

The Mi WiFi Repeater Pro is also another steal and such a lifesaver. I moved from a bungalow to a 3 story house and the WiFi went crazy. I couldn't get a signal on the third floor so my husband told me to buy from SM Malls Online App and thankfully, it was delivered the next day. So convenient, affordable, and so fast. 

I love the fact that I didn't feel any apprehension at all because these are all trusted mall brands. The peace of mind that comes with spending my hard-earned money and knowing that I will definitely get the right items is just priceless. 

It was so amazing because I also didn't get charged any delivery fee because they have an ongoing promo that gives free shipping. Whoohoo! 

After September 30, 2021, you don't need to worry about shipping still because you will be charged only one delivery fee even if you purchase from different stores within the SM Malls Online App. If you're not okay with waiting, you can also do an in-store pickup which is still perfectly safe because SM Malls has received the Safety Seal and you can be in and out real quick since there are cashless payment options so everything can be good to go soon as you get to the store.   

This SM Malls Online App is one of the best things to happen to parents everywhere. Now, you can simply tap on your phone, do your online tech shopping from the comfort of your home with your kid by your side to make sure you're getting the right gadgets that they need, and then you just have to wait for it to be delivered. 

No need to worry about anything other than whether or not you want to do an unboxing video when all the gadgets start pouring in. 


  1. That's nice! I've been waiting for this app so I can shop at SM, my trusted mall. Thanks for this! I will download it now.

  2. oh wow i didn't know about this, thank you for sharing!

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  4. Yes! It is legit and trusted app when it comes buying branded items. Thank you for this informative blog. ❤️

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  8. School stuff is expensive enough, so it's great not having to pay more than you need

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