Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Virtual Mall Ushers in New Digital Lifestyle

Go Shopping Philippines, a.k.a. GSP Mall is set to disrupt the Philippine E-Commerce industry and usher in a fresh breath in the Filipino digital lifestyle. Aside from the usual consumer goods sold online, GSP will offer access, in one mega E-commerce platform, to food and beverage, fresh produce and supermarket products, furniture and home furnishings, pieces of jewelry, art pieces, etc. -everything you can find in a physical mall.  Essential services such as medical, dental, and veterinary consultations, architectural and interior design, carpentry, plumbing, sewing and embroidery, and other services are accessible, plus exciting features like travel booking to any destination in the Philippines and the world, and booking for any airline, cruise ship, and land transports, as GSP’s partnerships with Tourism Boards, and huge travel players are forged.

What is even more exciting are the other facets of the GSP virtual mall which includes entertainment application systems such as GFlix which is GSP’s movie on demand much like Netflix; CineFlex which is GSP’s virtual theater and movie house which plays currently showing blockbusters and other movies as well as theater performances; and GoLive which is its live streaming feature for all sorts of events such as meetings, conferences, exhibitions, etc.  Besides these, GSP has its own television channel called GoTV which will air a variety of TV programs on a 24/7 basis.

Despite the surge of online marketplaces due to the pandemic, Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) Founder and CEO, Neil Garcia La-as, is confident there is a place in the virtual space for his mega E-commerce platform. “The competition excites me personally because despite all the odds, despite all the existing players in the e-commerce industries, I still see the need for a much bigger platform that is responsive to the interest of the customer for a more sophisticated digital lifestyle.  

Born of the desire to alleviate the woes of online consumers, Mr. La-as states: “existing online shops lack the understanding of the very essence of why people go for online shopping, and that is convenience and protection. We do not have the true ease of use and trust for online shops in the marketplace yet... With Go Shopping Philippines, that is the heart of why we exist. We will make it easy for you and we will protect you," explained La-as.

La-as’ determination to pursue his dream of building a digital mall sprung from his frustrations over his own personal online buying experiences. He explained that with the existing online shopping platforms at present, there is no assurance you are getting your money’s worth, and worse, you feel duped when you find out what you have received is an imitation of the product you bought, and thought was genuine.

He established GSP in partnership with GEP Solutions, a top-notch developer of huge ecommerce sites, in response to the need for a reliable and convenient means to shop online. True to its promise of the authenticity of products sold on its site and an excellent brand of customer service, GSP only partners with select companies that adhere and deliver the same commitment to excellence as it does.

“In Go Shopping Philippines, we scrutinize brands and the legitimacy of their products, so you are protected from fake items,” Laas assured. “You can shop in Mindanao, Manila, the US, the UAE, in Europe, and back to Mindanao without leaving your home, where you are safe and secure, no traffic, no queue and with a totally worry-free shopping, you can only experience,” he added.

Go Shopping Philippines is also being true to its Filipino identity as an All-Filipino E-Commerce platform. Its Brand Management programs include establishing cooperation with government agencies, local government units, and NGOs to promote the culture and beauty of the Philippines and its people. According to GSP’s Brand Manager, Dan Sola, GSP always considers the past, present, and future cultural milieu of our land and its people. “We are a brand of, for, and by the Filipino poised to conquer the world. And because we are a Filipino brand, we are linking up with government bodies and NGOs to establish cooperation in helping Filipino MSMEs raise the quality and elan of their products and promote these original local products to the world,” Sola said.

In a soft launch, Go Shopping Philippines (GSP) will be introduced to consumers on July 16, 2021.  Although the soft launch will not cover all phases of the app yet because the Food Hall, Fresh Produce, and Express Services will open next month – August, the app can already be downloaded, and the general functionality of the entire system is set for smooth access to would-be shoppers. 

Once completed later this year, consumers will have the cities, the countryside, and the islands at their fingertips, and they can simply roam around and find what they are looking for. In the meantime, GSP invites shoppers to be ready to disrupt their buying habits and join in celebrating the Filipino digital lifestyle. 

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