Thursday, July 22, 2021

Smart Hallyu Hangouts with Son Ye Jin

CLOY fans or Crash Landing on You fans had the best time when they had a virtual hangout with Son Ye Jin, made possible by SMART. 

There was a question and answer portion that everyone loved so I'll be sharing that part with those who were not able to partake in the virtual hangout. 

I’m very happy to be here to meet with my Filipino fans. I’m so honored and excited to see them today.

Are you aware of how popular you are in the Philippines?

Honestly, I didn’t know how huge I was but I would get a lot of pictures and messages from fans so I’m actually very surprised but also very happy that I am so well-loved in the Philippines.

Do you really ride the motorcycle as seen in the Smart commercial?

I don’t, really. There was actually a stunt double who rode the motorcycle. The scene that we shot was just until the part where I was getting on the motorcycle.

What was the most memorable part about shooting the Smart commercial?

There were very long hours and we were on location. It took all morning and all night to shoot. And we were also remotely shooting with the Philippine team. It was kind of like a strange situation but also very fascinating, and to be virtually communicating with the team in the Philippines was a very different experience. But I was very honored to have shot this commercial for Smart and I’m very happy to be working with Smart right now.

What have you been up to after Crash Landing On You (CLOY)?

Right as we were wrapping up CLOY, the pandemic was starting. We didn’t really realize how serious it was at the beginning, so ever since we went into full pandemic mode, same with everyone—I’ve been staying home, I’ve been limiting my trips outside the house where I would meet my friends or do things outside. This is a very sad situation, the whole world is experiencing this right now, and everyone is going through a difficult time. So I’ve kind of been doing the same thing as everyone else.

Questions from Fans

You get many comments like your smile is very charming, your acting is really good, I love you—these are the most common comments you get. Aren’t you a little tired of hearing them? Maybe your ears are bleeding at this point?

No, I’ll never get sick of hearing them. I want to hear more. (laughs)

What is your favorite season?

I like late spring to early summer because around this time, you can feel a breeze and it’s very fragrant.

What is your favorite color?

Light Indian pink

Can you say “I love you all” in Tagalog?

Mahal ko kayo.

What do you like to do when you take a rest?

I like to exercise to keep strong and fit and so that I’m always ready to jump on a project. I also really like to walk my dog.

What is your beauty secret?

It’s exercise still. It’s not so much for being slim or for a diet purpose but it’s really about my mental health. I think a lot of people when they see somebody, they see beauty or health not because they see beautiful features, but positive energy. Something that is glowing from within. I think that this is something that you feel as you grow older. (laughs)

How do you think you will change in the next 5 or 10 years?

I would like to still be acting. I’d like to be present among the fans and show my work.

Have you been to the Philippines? Which part of the Philippines would you like to go to the most?

I’ve been to the Philippines a very long time ago on the family trip, and the most memorable thing about that trip was just the friendly faces of the Filipinos. I could see that everyone was very happy, very friendly, and there was an innocence about them. I found that very memorable.

I would really love to go to Boracay.

Which aspect of yourself do you like the most?

I think I like it best when I can make someone laugh. There’s something about being able to do that to another person that makes me happy. I’m also normally very naughty and playful and I also like to laugh myself. Because I laugh a lot, it also makes the other person feel good, like they’re doing a job.

Yes or No Segment

“I am the best actress in Korea."

No. A little. Yes, maybe. (laughs)

“I would like to be born as Son Ye Jin.”

No, because I’ve already had this experience. In the next life, I would like to be born to fly, which is actually what I did in CLOY.

“I search for my name in portal websites.”

No. When I’m working maybe I will look, when there’s a new show out or something, I’ll check out what they’re saying. But when I’m resting like I am now, I would go for an entire week sometimes without checking online. When I’m resting, I’m really resting, I’m committed to that. Sometimes when I would post on social media, there would be someone that talks about that but when I’m not working, I really not checking anything.

“Do what you want to do, or don’t do what you don’t want to do.”

Do what you want to do. But of course, as an adult who’s working, there are some times when I have to do what I don’t want to do. Depending on your career, where you are in life, and your personality, your answer to this question can differ a little.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Eating something that I really love, like sweet and sour pork. 

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