Monday, July 26, 2021

Kenny Roger's Kimcheese Roast

Yes, you read that right. Kenny Rogers has a new chicken flavor and it's all about Korean flavor. Meet the newest Kenny Roget's Kimcheese Roast. 

Passion. Precision. Purpose. Three traits that epitomize the Korean approach to life, to elevate everything that they touch, from music, to tv series, to food – traits shared by Kenny Rogers in developing the many ways to enjoy deliciously healthy, juicy, roasted chicken to Filipinos.

Kenny Rogers Roasters has taken inspiration from this global phenomenon to give its customers a truly complete Korean flavor experience with the new Kimcheese Roast! It is marinated with Gochujang paste to give a well-balanced sweet, sour and spicy flavor that’s distinctly found in Korean cuisine. Each chicken comes with Kenny Rogers’ signature Kimcheese sauce that gives a spicy sour kick, cutting no corners on its flavors, richness, and creaminess. 

Adding a delightful contrast is a ring of crunchy and refreshing sesame bean sprouts that perfectly presents the dish. With the new Kimcheese Roast, two new side dishes are available for you to enjoy: Kimchi and K-Glazed Potatoes or gamja jorim!

The new Kimcheese Roast comes in two main meal selections. If you are looking for a hearty K-infused meal to feed your K-pop soul, Solo Plate B will hit the right spot with you. A quarter Kimcheese Roast with amazing Kimcheese pour over sauce, two side dishes, rice and Kenny Rogers’ all-famous homemade muffin for only P 315.00. You can also order for dine-in or to-go the new Kimcheese Roast Group Meal which has a whole Kimcheese chicken, four side dishes, four rice and homemade muffins, and a 1.5 liter of Pepsi for only P1,105.00. 

Complete your K-experience with Jinro Soju! Flavors available are Fresh, Grapefruit, Green Grape, and Plum for P145 each on selected Kenny Rogers Roasters stores. 

So, if you live and breathe K-love, starting today, Kenny Rogers Roasters’ elevates your K-life with the latest addition to its mouthwatering selection of deliciously, healthy offerings with the new Kimcheese Roast! It is available for a limited time only so grab it while you can! Now available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters stores nationwide. 

Order now via their or call their hotline at 8-555-9000. You may also have it via GrabFood and Food Panda. 

K-fan? Sing and dance with Kimcheese Jingle and show your #KRlovesKR moves. Visit their official Facebook:, Instagram and Tiktok @kennyrogersph

For more information about Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Kimcheese Roast, check out this video:

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