Saturday, April 24, 2021

PROMIL begins its biggest online search for the next PROMIL Kid

From being the partner of the country’s gifted kids, PROMIL continues its legacy of nurturing child’s gifts with the launch of its first online talent search this April. 

Dubbed as “Search for the next PROMIL Kid”, kids will now have a chance to bring into center stage their gifts such as singing, dancing, art, vlogging, podcasting, and more. 

“Two years ago, we launched Sheena Bentoy as the new PROMIL Kid. What she has achieved at such a young age is also attributed to her mom, Irish, who has given her unwavering support, love, and has continued to nurture her gift. With our “Search for the Next Promil Kid”, we hope to inspire parents to spot and nurture their child’s gifts because their child, just like Sheena and countless others before her, could be the next PROMIL Kid,” shares Maria Carmela Gabunada, Associate Marketing Director - GPM, Promil Original and Organic for Wyeth Nutrition. 

The search is open to moms with children aged 3-7 years old.  All they need to do is go to Promil Four’s official Facebook page ( and click the “Search for the next PROMIL KID” post to sign up.   

Once signed up, wait for the confirmation email from PROMIL FOUR with details on the required audition videos and supporting documents to send to

Moms can just use a camera phone to shoot the required virtual video audition from the comfort of their homes and show the world what their gifted kids can do.  

Video entries will be judged this May and will go through various levels of eliminations until only the most exciting and exceptionally gifted kid will be crowned the winner and announced as the new Promil Kid. 

As the parent’s partner in nurturing their child’s gifts, PROMIL® FOUR is filled with essential nutrients like Lutein, Vitamin C, Zinc, DHA, Choline, Vitamin D, and Calcium. These nutrients can help them learn new gifts, bring out the best in them, and support them from shining at every stage. 

Visit to learn more.  

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