Monday, April 19, 2021

Hello to Summer with New Beverages, Merchandise, and Cards from Starbucks

Are you ready for summer? 

The heat has become unbearable but luckily, we have new drinks from Starbucks to help save the day and you don't even need to go out to buy them, you can just book your orders through GrabFood! 

Full-leaf Love

Made with two premium full-leaf teas, the new iced Teavana™ beverages are sure to refresh senses and uplift spirits. Two fruity blends are paired with aromatic Teavana™ Zen Clouds Oolong tea. The Sunshine Pineapple Oolong with real golden pineapple chunks, pineapple sauce, and a honey cold foam will leave you with extra bursts of summer freshness. You can also try the Sunshine Peach Oolong with refreshing peach juice and white peach jelly chunks finished with honey cold foam.

For more indulgent flavors, try two innovative beverages made with Teavana™ Golden Monkey tea. The Triple Golden Monkey layered with malty oatmilk, silky tea foam and tea-flavored cookie crumbs is a perfect balance of bold and fragrant Asian flavors. Meanwhile, the Cocoa Golden Monkey will leave you wanting more with the addition of decadent mocha sauce. 

All four new Teavana™ beverages will come in fun limited edition reusable cups. Available in Grande size and iced format for only P175 each.

Tasty Treats

Pair the new Cocoa Caramel Coffee Frappuccino® Blended Beverage with sweet treats and plant-based bites. Available in  Tall - ₱170 | Grande - ₱185 | Venti - ₱200

There are also new savory plant-based pastries — Mince Veggie Focaccia and Oh! Quesadilla — for delicious meat alternatives to start your day. 

MINCE VEGGIE FOCACCIA *Vegetarian-Friendly (made with plant-based meat - vegetarian-friendly) Mouthwatering plant-based ground patty, zucchini, peppers, mushroom, mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese on soft and crust focaccia bread. ₱85

OH! QUESADILLA *Vegetarian-Friendly (made with plant-based meat - vegetarian-friendly) Tasty and zesty plant-based carnitas, beans, mashed potatoes, and cheese stuffed in a tortilla. ₱115

Fun In the Sun

Celebrate summer adventure with our adorable Happy Hedgehog Collection featuring drinkware in refreshing and vibrant colors of turquoise mint and green.

Available in all stores and on LazMall starting April 20, 2021.

To top it off, Starbucks has two new card designs to celebrate the season: Hello Summer and Happy Hedgehog—both with a minimum activation amount of P300.  

Starbucks welcomes summer in all stores starting April 20. You can also shop merchandise from the Starbucks flagship store on Lazada or enjoy these treats from home by ordering through take-out, drive-thru, Mobile Order and Pay or delivery via GrabFood.   

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  1. Wow.. I missed the enticing and relaxing aroma inside Starbucks. I hope that things will be well soon.


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