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What you Need to Know about Food Intolerance

The year 2020 was quite the understatement of the decade. Fast forward to today, people have started to adapt to the new normal and have even taken things to a whole new level with health and wellness. It has become the buzzword and the ‘in’ thing. Wryly put, it has taken a pandemic for people to make time and focus on their own health and wellness as well as their family’s. 

In fact, we’ve seen a surge of customers who have taken the Food Intolerance Test (FIT) from LifeScience Center. The FIT is famous among celebs, influencers and health buffs because it tests for the types of food your system is intolerant too. We list down reasons why YOU should take the Food Intolerance Test: 

No, the Food Intolerance Test (FIT) is not the same as an allergy test. Intolerance symptoms may not be as life threatening as allergies, but it can affect your daily life by making you feel uncomfortable or irritated and can weaken your immune system. The FIT tests which types of food your body is intolerant or averse to. 

But how exactly do you know if you’re already intolerant to food right? Is that even possible? Common symptoms of food intolerance include constant bloating, migraines, chronic tiredness and brain fog, and difficulty to lose weight may indicate that your body has reached its limit for certain food types. Awareness of food types your body is averse to makes it easier to eliminate them from your diet. 

Why take the test at LifeScience Center you ask? Because LifeScience is the sister company of GMT Manila, the exclusive distributor of the Food Intolerance Test here in the country. So you’re assured that only the gold standard in tests and equipment are used to check up on you and assess your results. 

Awesome care and support from your LifeScience Care Team! At LifeScience Center, you are assigned your very own personal Care Team who will assess you prior to your FIT and explain in detail your results and the next steps to get you started on your journey to better health. 

The Food Intolerance Test is available at a super discounted price so you can take it with the whole family! Promo is extended this March so you might as well grab it while LifeScience Center still has slots.

LifeScience Center is also the only clinic in the country to have a full team of health practitioners trained in Functional Medicine. Each client will have their own wellness tribe consisting of a doctor, nutritionist-dietitian, health manager, health coach, fitness coach, and psychologist. No other consult will be as thorough and holistic as the ones offered in the center. If you or anyone you know is suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease, hormonal imbalances, and gut problems, booking a consultation is your best bet in knowing how to resolve these issues for the long-term. 

Know more about their promos by sending their Care Team a message via Facebook Messenger, or emailing them at ask@lifescience.ph. You can also visit their website at https://lifescience.ph. 


  1. This sounds very worthwhile. I don't have any intolerances that I know of but I did have an allergic reaction to a food colouring as a child.

  2. This is excellent information about food intolerance. A friend of mine always complains about bloating, migraines, and difficulty to lose weight. I will forward her this article.

  3. This is very helpful. I do have lots of food intolerance and need to change my diet. I will take this test! Thank you for this!

  4. I love food and I dread having intolerance to any kind.

  5. Oh dear, I never knew about this. Thank you sharing.

  6. It's great to know about this. I think I have to have this test.

  7. I honestly feel like carbs and I may not be friends, but I love them!

  8. Love learning more about food!

  9. This sounds like a great resource for figuring out food intolerances. I know that I have slight intolerance to lactose and gluten, but I'm curious about other foods! Thanks for sharing this!


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