Sunday, March 14, 2021

Tang Coco Plus Buko Pandan Shakes Up the Beverage Mart

Since I was a kid, I have been a huge fan of Tang. I grew up drinking it. My son grew up drinking it and until now, whenever I do my groceries, I make it a point to get Tang. Now, they have a new flavor. 

Nothing makes us feel the excitement for summer like the refreshing taste of the Filipino favorite, Buko Pandan! It reminds us of summer trips to the province or the beach, cooling off with a cold, delicious, and wholesome treat. While this summer might be less about travelling and more about staying at home or close by, there’s no reason for you to miss out on having your taste of Buko Pandan. Tang introduces a new flavor that’s shaking up the beverage market in the Philippines: Tang Coco Plus Buko Pandan, made with Magnesium and Iron. 

Tang is the Philippines’ #1 powdered beverage drink, with 21 fruit flavors to meet your every craving for delicious refreshment. The brand is known for delivering on two things: Delicious refreshment and good nutrition with every glass. As a leader in this segment, Tang is always looking for ways to delight and add excitement to meal and snack times with the family. These days, nutrition and wellbeing top the list of consumers’ needs for their food and drink preferences. 

According to the 2020 State of Snacking Survey conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of Tang’s parent company Mondel─ôz International, 69% of consumers in developing countries like the Philippines actively seek snacks that are immunity boosting, or those that help strengthen the body against diseases. Mondel─ôz International is one of the world’s leading snack companies, with a 58-year history in the Philippines. The Company’s purpose is to empower people to snack right, with the right snack, for the right moment, and made the right way. 

Using this insight from consumers, Tang sought to provide Moms with a new flavor that’s delicious PLUS is also a great meal partner thanks to the nutrients it contains: Magnesium and Iron. We all know that we sweat more during summer; and that when we sweat, we lose not only water but also minerals such as Magnesium and Iron, among others. We need to make sure to replenish them, so we remain healthy and avoid getting sick. Even if it’s not summer though, we still need to make sure we get enough of these nutrients through the food we eat and the beverages we drink. 

“The future is uncertain which is why parents play an important role in ensuring that their kids are prepared, no matter what will happen. Tang believes that by giving kids a drink they love PLUS the benefits that moms approve, we can prepare kids for the future,” says Carlo Isla, Beverage Category Manager of Tang. “With this, we are very excited to share Tang’s newest flavor, Tang Coco Plus Buko Pandan. It is the first and only one of its kind in the Philippines, a powdered beverage with Buko Pandan  flavor PLUS Magnesium and Iron. For only P17.50 you get the refreshing taste of Buko PLUS Pandan that’s good for family - PLUS it’s refreshing too. It is a fulfillment of our purpose as a company, to provide the right delicious drink, for the right moment this summer, and made the right way with good nutrition for your family.” 

This new flavor is delicious and refreshing by itself, or enjoyed as a meal partner with the family, especially during these hot months up ahead. It has the taste of Buko Pandan that you have grown up with, and a PLUS of wholesome minerals. Enjoy it with lots of ice cubes or as an iced shake. Get creative and add a pandan leaf too for those great social media photos. Try the new Tang Coco Plus Buko Pandan by ordering on Shopee now.  


  1. It gets me excited too whenever this brand got new flavors.

  2. I am definitely going to need to check this stuff out cause it looks and sounds delicious!

  3. What a great idea. Love this rather than a sugary drink to give to the kids in the summer!

  4. I had never heard about this drink but it sounds good to me and I love coconut in almost anything :)

  5. Just wanna say the pics look stunning. Also, Tang has always been a favorite of the family but we've never tried the buko flavor before, so I may be buying one soon.

  6. Never heard of this but definitely looks like it's worth a try!

  7. This sounds like a nice refreshing drink. Too bad it's not in the US!


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