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Koobits Free Trial

To help parents and children to not just adapt, but thrive in this new normal of at-home learning, the popular e-Learning platform, KooBits, has announced the launch of the free trial of its math e-learning platform KooBits Math. KooBits Maths brings the best of the world-leading Singaporean maths pedagogy to households around the world. Since the international launch of its B2C platform last year that made the platform directly available to parents and children, the platform now boasts over 200,000 subscribers from over 45 countries. 

Building independent, self-motivated learners 

With schools transitioning to blended learning models as COVID-19 pandemic looks to last for the next few years, adjusting to mixed schedules of school-based and at-home learning will be a big priority on every parent’s agenda. However, the quarantines throughout 2020 have made it clear that learning at home is hard: There are distractions everywhere — from the noisy neighbors, to computer games, to the Internet — that make it difficult to tackle the sheer loads of studying needed to keep up with the syllabus when schools are closed. KooBits helps children develop good learning habits by taming the Maths monster and making Maths less overwhelming, allowing them to do less, but learn more, and learn smarter. 

With interactive animations for every single question of the 150,000 questions on the platform, that break down complex maths concepts into digestible, step-by-step instructions right at their fingertips, there’s no need to fear complicated problem sums. Children can access these videos as and when they need to, allowing them to resolve misconceptions and review concepts instantly, whenever they encounter difficulties — even when on their own, without having to wait for teachers or parents for explanations. 

KooBits also personalizes the learning journey of every child, drawing on meaningful usage data to tailor the learning trajectory in a way that suits their unique capabilities. Children are empowered with knowledge on their own strengths and weaknesses — and are self-motivated to take ownership for their own learning by taking initiative to close their knowledge gaps. 1 in 2 Singapore primary school students saw a 30% improvement in their maths results every term, just by practicing maths for 20 minutes on KooBits everyday. 

With the free trial, parents and children will have free access to the full suite of learning materials on the KooBits platform for a week. These include all worksheets and practice questions across all primary school grade levels, all animated step-by-step solutions, as well as access to the accompanying Parent App, that allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress and learning habits. 

Find out more about KooBits and sign up for the free trial at https://www.koobits.com/