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Yara Philippines donates 99,000 masks to Philippine Red Cross

Yara Asia, through Yara Fertilizers Philippines, Inc., donated 99,000 KN-95 masks to the Philippine Red Cross in support of the global fight against COVID-19. Through this donation, Yara aims to protect frontline workers and prevent the spread of the virus where risk is most prevalent. This contribution reaffirms Yara’s commitment to solutions that create a positive chain of events. Down the line, farmers will be able to sustain the food requirement of the country.

“We are truly grateful for your contribution to help the most vulnerable and suffering people during this crisis. We are far from the finish line—this is a great challenge that we must overcome,” said Elizabeth S. Zavalla, Secretary General of the Philippine Red Cross.

“Your solidarity for our humanitarian efforts is a shining example not only of generosity but of Filipino compassion and Bayanihan.  I hope many others will emulate this kindness as we strive to get through this together. As one people, we will have victory over the virus,” Zavalla adds.

The donation was formally turned over to the Philippine Red Cross on November 5. It did not come without its share of challenges as a result of the pandemic, but after six months, the hard work and close collaboration between cross-functional teams in Yara and the Philippine Red Cross paid provided masks to vulnerable groups of people.

Yara’s mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. With nations battling the global pandemic, every effort goes a long way. 

“We have decided to make the effort by focusing on the benefit the masks could bring to vulnerable groups that may face difficulties in getting hold of masks,” Hilde Bjerknes Supply

Chain Director of Yara Asia shares.

Country Manager of Yara Philippines Toby Goodroad thanks all contributing teams of this project. 

“This is a significant donation and it has taken a lot of work to make it happen. Thank you,” Goodroad said.

Apart from the Philippines, Indonesia is also a beneficiary of the mask donations of Yara Asia.