5 Reasons I Use ShopeePay

If you've been shopping on Shopee, you should be using ShopeePay by now. If you're still not using it, here are 5 reasons why you must. Trust me, I know the feeling of being wary and coming up with so many reasons why you don't want to use ShopeePay but once I started using it, the only thought that popped in my head was "why didn't I use this sooner?" 

ShopeePay, an integrated mobile wallet that offers users easy access to digital payment services, launches its first-ever ShopeePay Cashless Festival this January 21-28, 2021. Shoppers who use ShopeePay can enjoy free shipping, coins cashback, a chance to win ₱10,000, and more exclusive rewards during the promo period.

From January 21-28, here are 5 reasons why you need to start using ShopeePay. 

  • Free shipping: During the promo period, users who activate their ShopeePay wallets for the first time can enjoy a free shipping voucher with no minimum spend. New free shipping vouchers with a minimum spend of ₱149 will also be released daily. 
  • Coins cashback from participating shops: Shoppers can look forward to 20% coin cashback on categories such as gadgets, home and living, mom essentials, and sports and motors. 
  • Bills payment coins cashback: From January 21-27, ShopeePay users get 15% cashback capped at 120 coins when they pay their bills with a minimum spend of ₱800. On January 28, they can get 20% cashback capped at 160 coins with a minimum spend of ₱800.
  • Deals Near Me: ShopeePay users get to enjoy ₱1 deals, up to 50% off on e-vouchers, and up to 15% coins cashback capped at 60 coins.
  • Flash deals on mobile load and data: Throughout the week, shoppers can buy ₱100 worth of load/data for only ₱90. On January 25 and 28, users should be on the lookout for flash deals such as ₱10 load/data for ₱6, ₱15 load/data for ₱9, and ₱20 load/data for ₱12.

BONUS: Grand prize worth ₱10,000: There are two ways to win ₱10,000: users simply have to either top-up at least ₱300, or transfer ₱1. All users can also get rewards in the form of Shopee coins or vouchers.

For more information on the ShopeePay Cashless Festival, visit https://shopee.ph/m/shopee-pay

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.