Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Do Good for your Doggo with Maxime

With the rapid changes the pandemic brought us, many people struggled to cope with the drastic shift and the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty of the current situation. Despite this, one thing we could always count on is the bright and cheery disposition of our dogs.

Whether it be the new pupper you just brought home or your long-time best bud who trails you everywhere you go, they never fail to put a smile on our faces. It could be when they ask us to play tug with them or beg us for a treat, or by simply showering us with affection when they wag their tails or lick our faces. Although admittedly, they may sometimes leave us scratching our heads when we catch them sleeping in awkward positions or groaning out of exasperation when they loudly announce their presence in the middle of a conference call, our doggos will always love us unconditionally and we love them just the same.

As responsible pet parents, it's natural for us to want to reciprocate by providing the best care possible for our doggos. However, due to community quarantine guidelines, meeting the needs of our dogs just got a whole lot harder. Restricted movements made it difficult to do the most basic things for our doggos — such as visits to dog parks, training, and exercise walks to playdates, visiting the groomers and the vet.

Right now, the best way we can do good for our doggos is to provide them with the best nutrition possible. Holistic and nurturing dog food brand Maxime, allows pet parents like us to provide the best care for them. It is enriched with essential nutrients and minerals, such as antioxidants and prebiotics for a stronger immune system and sharper mind, omega 3 & 6 for better nutrient absorption and a shinier fur and coat, and even yucca extract to contain stool odor. Maxime provides optimum nourishment to nurture your doggo so they become happy, active, tough, and smart dogs.

Carefully formulated by a team of experts who are equally passionate about dogs and backed by the research and development of Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation (Pilmico), it is the latest venture in high quality, premium dog food.

"Maxime is the newest brand in Pilmico’s long-standing history of providing quality animal nutrition products," says Joeben Gamatero II, Pilmico’s Vice President for Brand and Marketing.

“Our promise to provide innovative, reliable, and consistent products that give guaranteed results are evident in Maxime. This is made possible by our in-house experts who work hard to ensure that our products are up to the Pilmico standard.”

Maxime also has specially-formulated puppy variants to help paw’rents provide the best for their growing companions. Other than the prebiotics, antioxidants, and omega 3 & 6, it is also enriched with DHA to promote brain development and a healthier immune system. 

“As responsible pet owners, the best way we can ensure the health of our dogs, especially puppies in their crucial development stage, is by creating a foundation of good nutrition that allows them to get all the vitamins they need. That’s our goal for Maxime, to make sure that it gives dogs the best nourishment and care possible,” says Dr. Ronniel Montero, Pilmico’s Resident Veterinarian and Pet Food Technical Specialist.

Now is the time to do what is best for your doggos and try out Maxime, the prime dog diet that brings out the best in your fur-coated family members. Maxime comes in the Maxime Standard Adult Prime Dog Diet, Maxime Standard Puppy Dog Diet, Maxime Elite Adult Prime Dog Diet, and Maxime Elite Puppy Prime Dog Diet variants which can be found in Puregold and in official Pilmico online stores. Maxime is also participating in the upcoming 11.11 sale where you can get a 10% discount this November 1-10, 2020 at Shopee and 25% off on November 11, 2020, in Shopee.

Do good for your top doggo, make Maxime your first choice.

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