Experience the new Realme Products from Shopee now!

Starting October 22, there will be new Realme products that will be available on their official store on Shopee. If that did not excite you enough, then these three definitely will. I myself can't decide which one I should get so maybe you can help me out? 

This bud has 20 hours of playback time which is perfect for people like me who only rests to get some sleep. It's also designed by Jose Levy and has an instant auto connection which is really important for not so techy savvy humans like myself. 

I am also torn between these two Realme phones. 

I can't decide which one is better for me since I do a lot of videos, photos, and use the phone 80% of the day but I also need to be mindful of the budget. 

Thankfully, all these can be delivered to my doorstep since I plan on ordering via Shopee. If you still don't have the Shopee app, I suggest you go ahead and download it via Google Play or Apple store.