Sunday, October 11, 2020

30% off on Safeguard products on October 11-13 for #Safewash against germs

These days, the fight against germs is at an all time high which is why it matters that we keep ourselves safe from all kinds of germs. Luckily, we get to do that while saving a few pesos because P&G's official store on Shopee is giving up to 30% off on Safeguard products from October 11 - 13, 2020. 

As a Mom, I need the following variants in my home just to give me a little bit peace of mind. With everything happening around us, we need to be as safe as we can possibly be and the best thing to fight this virus is through proper handwashing and disinfecting things.

1. Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap (225mL) + 2 Refills (420mL)

2. Safeguard Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap (225mL) + 2 Refills (200mL)

3. Safeguard Pure White Foaming Hand Soap Bottle (225mL) + Refill (200mL)

4. Safeguard Foaming Hand Soap Lemon (225mL) Bottle + Refill (200mL)

I use all these to ensure that my home remains sanitary and that we're able to wash our hands thoroughly and be sure that it remains clean. 

Make sure that you download the Shopee App via Google Play or Apple Store.

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