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Worry free playtime with the Huggies Playbox

Kimberly-Clark’s HuggiesÒ brand is committed to be the trusted parenthood partner, especially in these uncertain times that have impacted their lives in more ways than one. For instance, the cancellation of classes and the transition to online learning has placed an even bigger responsibility on them to be both parent and teacher as they constantly search for ways to keep their kids entertained and educated while at home.

To support them and their little ones, Huggies is introducing its newest Playbox – a one-of-a-kind toy that is designed to enhance their kids’ playtime. Recognizing its important role in the learning and development of kids, especially today when they have to constantly stay indoors, the Huggies Playbox is intended to make playtime more secure, entertaining, and engaging for them. This is particularly crucial in the toddlerhood stage where kids begin to explore, learn, and connect with the world around them.  

The Huggies Playbox is bundled with your favorite Huggies Dry Pants that is specially designed for active babies. With its ability to absorb up to 7 cups of weewee, easy palit all-around comfort fit, and anti-kulob breathable cover, babies are kept dry and comfortable so parents can be assured of uninterrupted playtime throughout the day.    

Inside every box of diapers will be a carton with either a basketball or a soccer design that, when assembled, transform into either a basketball ring or a soccer goal post that can be safely played with and enjoyed by parents and their little ones. Each also includes an instructional guide, making it easy to properly set up and have memorable bonding moments with the entire family at home.  

“The Huggies Playbox affirms our promise to continue supporting moms as they go through the challenging yet fulfilling journey of motherhood, now so more than ever in these unique circumstances that we find ourselves in,” said Brian Duruin, Head of Marketing, Kimberly-Clark Philippines, Inc. “Every pair of Huggies Dry Pants offers the perfect combination of comfort and security with its soft materials and best leakage protection that can keep up with all their movements. In turn, the Huggies Playbox provides an entertaining and engaging toy that they can easily use. Together, parents can watch and enjoy seeing their kids move more freely and have a one-of-a-kind playful experience at home.”

The Huggies Playbox will be available starting October 7 in Lazada and October 28-30 in Shopee, at the following sizes, Playbox design, quantity and price points:

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  1. This is so cute Huggies Playbox I would love to check this on Lazada for my nephew :) Thanks a lot!

  2. This is such a cute idea! It makes the whole process more fun for baby and mom!

  3. Oh my gosh that is way too cute, going to suggest this to a friend!

  4. Wow,this is so cute! I will share this to my friend!

  5. This looks so good. It will be perfect for my younger neice!

  6. Great info for moms looking for new diapers!

  7. I think its pretty cool that they make those kind of things that kids can play with :)

  8. Omg that is such a good idea for a playbox. I need to look for this in stores.

  9. This sounds so good! Love the idea 💕 I gotta share this with my friends who have kids!

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  10. Such a cute play box and wonderful to have- my little cousin would need these!

  11. Such a cute play box and wonderful to have- my little cousin would need these!

  12. omg this is awesome! the kids would definitely loves this.


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