Friday, September 25, 2020

Select Miniso Items are up to 30% OFF to celebrate Grand Launch on Shopee

Miniso is one brand that swept Manila by storm. After all, who can resist the cute items they peddle to us at such affordable rates? I know I have a hard time and more often than not, I give in. Thankfully, they now have an official store on Shopee so buying Miniso items is possible even from the comfort of my home.  

From September 28 to October 4, 2020, Miniso will be offering certain items on their Shopee Official store for up to 30% off. Some of the items that I know B and M will love are the following:

Miniso Marvel Night Light

Miniso Marvel Cleansing Wipes

Miniso Marvel Plush Captain America

It's absolutely perfect because M is a Marvel fan while B loves Spiderman. Win win and I get to use some of my Shopee coins too. 

Make sure that you grab the chance to own some super cute Miniso items this incoming sale by downloading the Shopee app via Google Play or App Store. I know that I'll be hoarding since a lot of their plush toys are really durable and perfect for Christmas gifts.


  1. My kid is in love with all Marvel heroes, I would love to pick up the night light for him, thank you so much.

  2. I'm sure my kids would absolutely love those Marvel heroes! And those headphones are super cool!

  3. My youngest daughter is a huge fan of Miniso. I am sure she would love to buy the Miniso Night Lamp.

  4. That would be so fun!! I love Miniso so much.. ��

  5. Oh how fun, I wonder if my nephew would like Miniso.

  6. These are fun products! I am not too familiar with Miniso but they are certainly all cute character items.

  7. Lots of options for Marvel fans. Cute toys that make a cool gift ideas for holidays.

  8. What a wonderful brand with cute items! I love that plush!

  9. I love miniso! Thanks for these discount information!


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