Pizza Hut Mobile Delivery App is UP!

In our family, we are Pizza lovers. 

Sadly, we haven't been out for pizza since the whole pandemic started. Thankfully though, Pizza Hut now has a mobile delivery app which will make ordering their pizza faster. 

Pizza Hut has recently announced the launch of the PHApp—the Pizza Hut App! The PHApp brings the most delicious pan pizzas, like Super Supreme Pan Pizza, Meat Lovers Pan Pizza, and more of your Pizza Hut favorites right at your fingertips, that makes satisfying your craving that much more simple and convenient!

Launched on September 7, the PHApp is available for both Android and iOS users. The app promises to be accessible and easy to use for pizza lovers like you! Whether you want your Pizza Hut treats delivered to your doorstep or for take-out, the PHApp makes ordering a breeze!

If you want to celebrate at home then the PHApp is your best bet! You can order 14 days in advance before the date of pick-up or delivery, taking out all the stress in planning. Thinking about dining out or looking for the nearest Pizza Hut store to pick up your orders from? The PHApp has got your back. With a store finder feature, the PHApp helps pinpoint the nearest Pizza Hut stores.

The app also makes ordering effortless! All you need to do is input your delivery details once and the app will remember it for you, ensuring a seamless ordering experience.

The PHApp features exclusive menu items and deals. If you order today, you can get a large pan pizza and enjoy P100 off and free KitKat Pops! And there are more offers and deals in store for you, so download the PHApp now!

To know more about the PHApp and the latest Pizza Hut products and promos, visit or like and follow Pizza Hut on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Can't wait for our Pizza on the 9th!


  1. One of the best pizza restaurants we go to when we want pizza. Surely, this will give us more reasons to order boxes of pizza.

  2. Wow this is awesome and looks super easy as well!

  3. We are having pizza this evening but it's one from the freezer Dr Oetker - but they are tasty :)

  4. Just can't wait to know when it is going to be available here too..indeed glad you shared this information about the app..loved it...

  5. Wow reading this makes me want to order pizza hut right now. Nice Info!

  6. Oh wow I didn't actually know they had an App - what an easy way to order

    Laura x


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