Sunday, August 2, 2020

Bebe by SO-EN now available through Shopee

With Metro Manila still under GCQ, it's best to shop through online stores especially if you are like me and have just given birth recently. This is why I'm really happy to learn that Bebe by SO-EN is now available through their official store in Shopee.

BeBe By SO-EN is an Infant & Kids clothing line created by SO-EN Garments Corporation. All BeBe by SO-EN products are best known for their outstanding quality, soothing fabrics, durable materials and smooth designs to provide ease and comfort for your baby.

They have available sizes for newborns up to 3 years old. I like that the sizes comes in terms of months so if your baby is 6 months old but is big for his age, you can get something that fits in the 9 months or 12 months range.

All the clothes are made of cotton-rich fabric. Best part is that they have an ongoing sale happening now till August 8 to celebrate Shopee's 8.8 Sale.

Some of the stuff that I suggest you look out for are:

Your baby needs to wear pajamas especially during their sleeping time because it protects them from mosquitoes and other harmful germs that may lead to sickness.

Baby needs a comfortable set of clothes that will cover their shoulders as well and this t-shirt set will do just that! Easy to wash and dry as well because of its lightweight material.

Baby can dress up even at home with BeBe by SO-EN's 3in1 Printed T-Shirt Set! Comfortable and high-quality made t-shirts for baby's everyday use. It comes in PINK and BLUE variations.

There is also a 3in1 Pajama set from BeBe by SO-EN that you can wear on your baby everyday. The fabric is light and very easy to wash. Baby will surely feel comfortable wearing one of these!

This terno set is made in cotton rich fabric with underwater printed designs that can be worn by baby for photoshoot or travelling, etc. Very comfortable to wear for baby.

These are what I got. I know, I went a bit overboard but everything was just too cute!

I also love that everything is Proudly Pinoy because these are made here in the Philippines. The designs are very kawaii which means cute and child friendly. It also lasts because no matter how many times it has been washed, it doesn't easily wrinkle and it is comfortable for Khali to wear and durable enough to survive all the crawling that he is starting to do.

Even Khali is happy about our haul.

Be sure to follow Bebe by SO-EN on all their social media platforms so that you'd know of the latest deals that they have to offer especially on Shopee coz we Moms always have to be on the lookout for sales.


BeBe by SO-EN is available in all leading department stores and wholesalers nationwide. To know more, visit our Facebook page


  1. Oh gosh how cute are those! Will share this with my friends who have babies!

  2. The clothes look so adorable! Such a perfect gift for infants! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  3. I love these adorable baby clothing pieces! So many soft colours!

  4. These are so cute omg!!! I don't have babies but a friend of mine just delivered...Thank you so so much for the recos.

  5. So much cuteness! I have some babies I need to shop for and these look lovely

  6. truly very helpful and useful blog post..glad you shared these with us..great work though..

  7. These are all so cute! Great deal for new parents. :)

  8. These outfits are so cute! My daughter just adopted a little girl who is 5 weeks old. I will share with her.

  9. Awww what a cute baby! And the clothes looks so good. SO en are really a great product. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Cool! I love SOEN so much for my panties,it's great that they added baby clothes to their product line.

  11. I love all of these pieces. I can't wait to shop with them.

  12. I am going to share this with my friend…she is going to have baby soon

  13. I'm not familiar with the line but the clothes look so soft and cute. I guess that is what matters.
    Elizabeth O


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