TURO Online Summit

Online classes came in as a shock to all of us. In a snap, we all had to adjust our routines and learn how to adapt to this health situation the whole world is experiencing. Teachers had to learn different apps to be able to teach the students. Parents had to change their schedules and be more involved with the education of their children. Students had to limit their movement.

 We all tried our best to find our ways and strategies that work for the children and for us. It was a challenge indeed.

 With these concerns and struggles, our team organized an online summit for parents and teachers. We gathered 30+ speakers from all over the world who are more experienced than all of us when it comes to home-based learning. Some are teachers with applications and tools that will make teaching more efficient. Some are parents that will talk about managing conflicts at home, teaching values through different materials and even how to arrange the home to make it a better learning environment.

If you are interested to learning strategies to facilitate effective home-based learning, We invite you to join TURO Online Summit.

Date: July 31-August 2, 2020
For participants who avail of the All-in Access Pass, all talks and materials are available 24/7 for 30 days. So watching it anytime is possible.
Cost: P 1,495

We have a 30% off promo until July 19, 2020. Visit our website: www.go.turosummit.com and use Coupon Code: TURO30.

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