40% off on Large Appliances through Western Appliances via Shopee

Now that saving money matters more than ever, having to buy big ticket items such as large appliances can be a pain. Thankfully, you can get 40% off on large appliances when you purchase through Western Appliances' official store on Shopee.

Aircons, washing machines, TV, and refrigerators are at 40% off when you buy them through the following links. What I love the most is that these are all trusted brands that I have used over the years! Best part? FREE SHIPPING!!!

What I love even more is that I can get all of them through Western Appliances. It's a one stop shop for everything that I need and since I just moved houses, trust me, I need a lot of these things.

I'm really glad that Shopee enables me to save 40% off on these purchases. It's a great help especially during these trying times. Don't forget to download for free the Shopee app via the App Store or Google Play.

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