Netflix Celebrate Mother’s Day with Reco-MOM-dations

This Mother’s Day, invite your family to step into your world for the day with the

onscreen moms you love the most -- from Ali and Lorelai to Joyce and Jean.

No matter your favorite, we’ve got reco-MOM-dations for you:

    • Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

      • What To Watch If You’re A Mom Like Lorelai 

        • Fueled by caffeine and frozen pizza, you’re quick with a joke.

          • Atypical

          • Jane The Virgin 

          • 20th Century Women (Mujeres del Siglo XX) 

          • Holiday In The Wild (Navidad en Africa) 

    • Joyce - Stranger Things

      • What To Watch If You’re A Mom Like Joyce:

        • You’ll do whatever it takes to protect your kids.

          • Locke & Key

          • Raising Dion (Cómo Criar a un Superhéroe) 

          • Good Girls (Chicas Buenas) 

          • I Am Mother

    • Frankie - Grace & Frankie

      • What to Watch If You’re A Mom Like Frankie: 

        • You’re a free spirit.

          • La casa de las flores

          • Sex Education

          • The Goop Lab (The Goop Lab con Gwyneth Paltrow) 

          • Absurd Planet (Planeta Absurdo)

    • Ali Wong - stand-up specials 

      • What To Watch If You’re A Mom Like Ali 

        • You keep it real AF.

          • Train to Busan 

          • Homecoming

          • Roma

          • Stranger Things

    • Jen - Dead to Me

      • What To Watch If You’re A Mom Like Jen

        • You hold it together for your kids, even when it’s not so easy.

          • Workin’ Moms

          • Russian Doll

          • Grace & Frankie 

          • After Life 

    • Dr. Jean Milburn - Sex Education

      • What To Watch If You’re A Mom Like Jean

        • Like sex, parenting is a natural part of life.

          • Birthmarked 

          • Sex, Explained (El Sexo, En Pocas Palabras)

          • Unnatural selection (Selección antinatural)

          • 100 Humans: Life’s Questions. Answered (100 Humanos) 

          • The Politician

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