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The fashion industry is perhaps the oldest surviving industry in the world. In hindsight, why wouldn’t it be? People have to be dressed and then there is the obvious fact that people want to look nice and presentable. The latter is what gave rise to an entire thought process surrounding what we wear and how we choose to present ourselves. Simply, fashion.

Now, the thing with fashion is that it's ever-changing. What might have had been considered hip in the 1990s is almost seen as tacky today? Notwithstanding the discontinuation of the word hip in its entirety. What followed are new dressing patters, and sometimes, new fashion etiquette as well.

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Dressing For A Wedding:
Ah, yes weddings. Attending one sounds like watching a fairy-tale unravel right in front of your eyes. With the lights gleaming, the dress sparkling and the couple at their happiest - nothing can compare to the emotion that a guest would feel at a wedding. However, this is everything post-attendance. What happened when you first got the invite? You began planning your dress, of course.

Certain rules follow when dressing for a wedding. Traditionally, it's seen as a sign of disrespect to wear white on someone's wedding. While times have changed and certain traditions have been voided, this is one that stuck.

While it might still be considered rude to wear white on someone's big day (unless otherwise specified), there is a certain wedding etiquette that has been changed over the years. For example, it might have had been considered odd a few years ago to wear something knee-length to a wedding. They were considered a bit more formal. Today, the entire wedding dynamic has been changed to incorporate a lot of varying elements.

Weddings have been changed from modern affairs to something that meets everyone’s comfort. It depends on the time, occasion and other specifications in the wedding invite. There are certain prerequisites that guests have to go through.

The cocktail party or the rehearsal dinner a night or two before the function is usually considered a much more casual event. Hence, wearing something short and a bit more laid back is alright. Consider a mid-thigh dress, or even wearing a pantsuit or something of that sort.
Then comes the day of the actual wedding. This is where you would have to consider a lot more factors. It's usually considered (unless stated otherwise) that night time events call for a more black-tie theme. Then there are day time events that call for something with a sun-hat.

For a day wedding, consider wearing pastel tones with light hues. Minimal jewellery and accessories will work best. For a night wedding, the theme is a lot more formal (or at least semi-formal). The lighting and aesthetics are such that they can complement darker tones with sparkling jewellery.

A Cocktail Party, Or A Night Out With Friends:
Maybe less than a decade ago, the normal attire to wear for a cocktail party would have had been a cocktail dress. Today, cocktail parties incorporate a lot more attires than cocktail dresses. Similarly, cocktail dresses are not only specified for cocktail parties.

The thing here is, these events are normally happening around the night. You need to follow the vibe of the entire occasion. It might be corporate or it might be a bit more casual. The thing is, there is a certain type of vibe that goes around with these. One vibe is not supposed to be overpowering the other.

Wearing denim might be a little too casual for the event, then there's the fact that wearing a pantsuit would be a little too more business-like. Think more cashmere and satin, with a dark lip and high heels. Cocktail parties can happen on any day. Hence, you need to prepare your wardrobe to meet the occasion. A raise? A cocktail party. A new hire? A cocktail party. Had a bad day? A cocktail party!

Business Lunches:
Dressing for business lunches is a clear-cut way of assessing the theme - formal. If it’s a business lunch then you have to wear something that would look presentable as well as chic. Dress codes have been there for such a long time now that there have been some nicks and knacks here and there to change the dress code. However, there might be something that you would still have to consider.

For example, if the occasion is something where your boss will be at then dress according to the office dress code with slight adjustments. You might button down your shirt and take off the blazer. Then again, you might want to let down your hair. All of this while looking like you’re a part of your office.

Meeting The Family:
This is probably something that will bring a lot of jitters and second thoughts. When you're going out to meet your significant other families, you are a whirlwind of emotions. You would have probably gone through your wardrobe a million times. Matching one shirt with the other, matching shoes with necklaces and so much more.

Traditionally, thinking about meeting the parents means dressing like someone they would want to be associated with their family. However, times have changed the modern version of meeting the family does not have to involve everyone eyeing you down at the dinner.
Today, they might even invite you to pool parties or modern dinners. Modern times call for a much simpler way of meeting the family.

You can wear a dress if the occasion is a lot more formal, then again you can wear a plain old white tee shirt. What depends is wearing something that will make you look flattering as well as fitting some norms.

There are a lot of factors to consider when wearing the ideal outfit for any occasion. You might feel flustered at all the options and frustrated at how nothing seems to fit. There is no need to worry and no need to panic.

At the end of the day, all that matters is your comfort and making sure that you look your best. Fashion is not meant to be bothersome for anyone. It is supposed to make you feel confident and standing tall with your outfit.

Planning the perfect outfit might be annoying, we get that. We also get that it could have had been a lot more annoying without these tips to get you right on track.

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