Citi Philippines introduces Citi PayAll

A first-of-its-kind digital innovation, Citi PayAll allows Citi credit cardholders to pay for big transactions usually paid for via check or cash through their mobile phones.

Citi PayAll gives clients more autonomy and flexibility in payment options and provides
greater convenience and big rewards.

Citi Philippines is the first bank in the country to introduce this payment system
MANILA, Philippines- Citi Philippines today announced the launch of Citi PayAll, a first-in market innovation that allows Citi cardholders to use their credit cards to settle big payments usually paid for via check or cash.

With Citi PayAll, Citi credit cardholders now have the means to pay for their rent, school fees condominium dues, insurance policies and professional fees using their credit card via the Citi Mobile App.

Citi PayAll also empowers credit cardholders to seamlessly use their credit card to
make these payments directly to any local bank, a first in the digital finance landscape in the Philippines.

Citi credit cardholders now have more autonomy and flexibility in payment options, as Citi PayAll provides them the convenience of no longer setting big transactions using cash, checks, or auto-debit.

To avail of Citi PayAll, existing credit cardholders can simply click the "Payment tile on their Citi Mobile App and choose the purpose of the payment. Then enter the payee s bank account name, destination bank, and payee bank account number. Payments can be scheduled as single or monthly recurring at least seven days prior to the due date.

Customers have a maximum limit of PhP 200,000 per transaction and will incur a per-transaction fee of up to 3%. Citi credit cardholders can make up to six transactions a month with up to PhP1,000,000 aggregate amount. They can also settle payments with the same payee twice in a month.

Leading the digital financial revolution

Citi Philippines Consumer Banking Head Manoj Vama said: "Citi introduced this new service to complement the ever-evolving lifestyle of our credit cardholders. we are continually developing new products and services based on our client's needs and wants. And what they want is convenience and speed in their banking transactions. Citi PayAll is an innovation that is in line with our goal of providing remarkable client experiences day after day.

From now until April 30, 2020, Citi credit cardholders can also enjoy up to PhP 1,800 in
electronic gits per calendar month when they make six (6) unique Cit PayAll transactions.

To know more about Cti PayAl, visit


  1. Iam hearing about this app for the first time. And you have explained it clearly.

  2. This is a new and seems it will have a nice start by the way you explained it. Even though, I'm not in Philippine, I think it will be interesting, the citi payall.

  3. Sounds like very convenient to have this app installed. I have citi app installed but its for payment.

  4. I never been into Philippines but I know Philippines has a great tourist spot. The Filipinos will have great benefits for it.

  5. Seems like a pretty cool app. Gonna check it out!

  6. Hi Kathy,
    I would love to visit the Philippines. Fantastic country with lovely people. And looks like the Citi PayAll will make my trip super enjoyable.
    Thanks for sharing 😄

  7. I have some friends from the Philippines but I learn more when I read great post like yours.

  8. Sounds like a great initiative, mobile platforms is the way to go now. I like when tech makes our lives so much easier.

  9. I'm all for anything which gives ease of access to make payments. I know I might be a little nervous my information could be stolen somehow but it does sound like a great service.

  10. What a great service to make payments easier. I am going to share this to my Filipino friends!

  11. I love the features of Citi PayAll! It will make all transactions so much simpler. A great initiative by Citi!

  12. This is very useful for lots of people. The features are great!

  13. Thanks for the info. These features are so convenient.. I will share this to my friends.


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