Make Moments Matter with Eden

According to a 2018 Survey on Overseas Filipinos done by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) office, there are currently 2.3 million OFWS working abroad. This number includes only the ones who are legally working outside the country.

Of the 2.3 Million Overseas Filipino Workers, 43.7% are ages 25-34 years old, according to another survey by the PSA, between April and September 2017.

While this is good for the economy and the future of the family and kids, it could take a toll once the Christmas season comes in. After all, Christmas is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, season in the Philippines.

This is the time where families are complete and they gather around a feast. Moms cook dishes that will be shared during Noche Buena, Dads play some cheesy classic music, grandparents dance with the younger kids, and cousins get together just to have a good time.

However, this is no longer the case for a lot of families who have one or both parents working overseas. When a family is not complete, it can get tough, especially for the kids. They are the ones who really feel the hit of not having one or both parents at home. It is during these times when finding ways to feel family togetherness becomes even more important.

Eden understands this, which is why the brand encourages all families to truly cherish the family meal times they have together. Since it has now become more of a challenge to complete families during gatherings, it is important that families make every meal matter by being present in the now and savoring each moment.

There will be lots of meals and parties during this season, and what better way to make it more delicious by using the number one cheese brand, Eden. From appetizers to the family’s favorite Kaldereta to creamy Leche Flan, you name it, Eden will give it that creamy and cheesy goodness that your family will love. With Eden, creating meals to moments has now become a lot easier.

This Christmas, let’s remember that it’s not about the material things we receive rather, it’s about the moments of togetherness with our family. It’s about savoring those moments and making them memories that the heart will not forget.

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