Ajinomoto launches aminoVITAL™.

AJINOMOTO CO, INC. (AJICO), global food and Amino Science company and platinum sponsor to the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEAG), continues its quest to realize greater wellness for people all around the world. Taking this cue from the historic SEAG sponsorship, AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (APC) Group launched a sports nutrition brand called aminoVITAL™, to the Philippine Market. aminoVITAL™ is the number 1 amino acid supplement in Japan and also a trusted brand in United States, Russia, Taiwan and Singapore.

It is a jelly drink that contains 3,000 mg of amino acids, including Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) which helps reduce fatigue and muscle loss during high-intensity training or strenuous physical activity. aminoVITAL™ is now available on LazMart, an online store on LazMall.   

This new venture is a springboard for Ajinomoto’s advocacy to promote healthy nutrition and active lifestyle not only to athletes but to the Filipino society in general. This is part of the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV), which is the company’s core concept that shows our unchanging commitment in solving emerging social issues. The latest data of FNRI-DOST (2018) shows that almost half (40.6%) of the adult population was insufficiently physically active. Significantly, more females (46.6%) were observed to be physically inactive compared to males (32.9%). Over the years, the association of physical inactivity has been strongly linked to increased risk of many adverse health conditions including coronary heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, a feeling of anxiety and depression.

APC Group is now gearing up to support its sponsored athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. They are Pole Vaulter Mr. Ernest John Obiena, the first Filipino who qualified to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and Philippine Karate athlete Ms. Junna Tsukii, who is on the race to qualify for next year’s Olympics. 

For more information about Ajinomoto and its products, visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph and facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH.

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