What MWSS and concessionaires are doing to keep our water clean

Is your water clean? 

This is a really important question to answer and one that we rarely think about not because we have the best facility but because we are resigned that if we need clean water, we need to buy purified, distilled, or what not water in a bottle. 

But what about the water we use in our household? 

Everybody needs clean water. Households run, businesses flourish, and communities grow because of it. As something people use and consume every single day, it’s only right that its safety and sustainability in ensured.

In a recent roundtable discussion, the Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System-Regulatory Office (MWSS-RO) shared how consumers—household managers, families, entrepreneurs—can benefit from clean water and long-term sewerage projects. This is in line with their public duty overseeing and regulating the services of its two main concessionaires: Maynilad (for Metro Manila west zone and select provinces in Cavite), and Manila Water (for the east zone and Rizal).

Every five years, the three companies undergo a rate rebasing exercise to ensure that water is fairly priced. For the first time in 10 years, RO approved a staggered water price increase until 2022. This means that they can provide excellent service while easing its impact in household budgets.

“Keeping our water clean and sustainable requires investment. This is what we considered before implementing a price adjustment this year,” assures MWSS-RO Chief Regulator Atty. Patrick Lester Ty. “The new rates are a product of prudent and efficient review. We also considered public sentiments through a series of consultations.”

Here is a closer at the new rates and how they impact the monthly water bill:

For five years, Maynilad will allocate its generated funds for disaster resiliency, water security, environmental sustainability, and expansion projects. Some examples on service improvements are the retrofit of existing pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, construction of Putatan Water Treatment Plant 2, and development of new water sources (Kaliwa Water Supply Project). They will also install 541 kilometers of pipelines to bring water in areas that still rely on deep wells.

For its part, Manila Water will prioritize water security, environmental sustainability, and service accessibility and continuity projects. These will help improve the water supply in Rizal, install more pipelines. develop wastewater catchments, upgrade sewage treatment plants, construct emergency reservoir, and retrofit and rehabilitate existing facilities.

To help consumers manage the price adjustment, MWSS reminds everyone to keep their faucets and taps closed when not in use. More importantly, households should avail of the free rotational dislodging service. It is done to prevent septic tank overflow that could affect creeks and rivers, posing a threat to our health and the environment.

MWSS-RO stresses that maintaining and ensuring water quality is a shared responsibility. “Apart from the conscious use and reuse of water, we also encourage more cooperation and support for these projects so that we will have an uninterrupted and quality supply of clean water for us all,” Ty adds.

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