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Travel like a local at Sham Sui Po, Hong Kong

I've been lucky enough that I can say I've been to Hong Kong 3x already. My first time, I was on my own. The second time, I was with my family. The third time, I was there for only a few hours. Every single time though, Hong Kong manages to give off a magical vibe, one that makes me yearn to go back over and over again.

Perhaps it is because even though I have been there three times already, there is still so much more to see, wander, and get lost in. Take for example Sham Sui Po.

Discover Hong Kong

Sham Sui Po is apparently one of the more residential areas of Hong Kong where you can truly experience what it's like to live in Hong Kong. It may be residential and not at all touristy but it has the right touch of commercialism that it will still give you that bustling Hong Kong vibe but on a smaller scale.

In Sham Sui Po, you get to go hiking for an hour or two then enjoy a cup or more of dimsum treats. You also get to buy from the many local shops that is scattered all over the place like the one I found during my first visit minus the influx of the tourist crowds. There are also a lot of local eateries if you don't feel like splurging too much.

Located in the heart of Kowloon, Sham Sui Po is accessible via MTR and one thing that I truly love about Hong Kong is that you can never be lost in this city. You just need to look for the nearest MTR and you're good to go. This sign below has saved me from being lost so many times.

MTR logo

Sham Shui Po district promotion campaign aims to enhance the tourism appeal of the Sham Shui Po area. A self-sufficient working-class community with a down-to-earth charisma, Sham Shui Po is home to multiple historic sites, characteristic architectures, religious buildings, local diners, hawker stalls, shopping malls and bazaars. Together, these points of interest (POIs) form a living museum showcasing the lifestyle of ordinary Hongkongers, under the theme of ‘Every Bit Local’, focusing on what locals wear (Hong Kong’s DIY Hub) and eat (Simple Flavours), the way they live (Experience the Community), and where visitors can walk (Explorations on Foot), or ‘衣、食、住、行’ in Chinese.

Perfect for getting that instagrammable OOTD, there are beautiful textiles and affordable clothing in markets and small local shops that are popular with fashion students. Examples of Thematic Streets - Cheung Sha Wan Fashion Road - Ki Lung Street (“Button Street”) - Nam Cheong Street (“Ribbon Street”) - Tai Nan Street (“Leather Street”) - Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar - Yu Chau Street (“Bead Street”)

* Images are from Hong Kong Free Press 


Shui Po is a dining hotspot with a wide variety of choice thanks in no small part to its diverse community resulting from the influx of immigrants throughout its history. The dining scene is renowned for its authentic local cuisine served in unpretentious eateries; and as the area develops, so does its food scene.

Examples of Popular Outlets - Hop Yik Tai (Rice noodle roll) - Kung Wo Beancurd Factory (Tofu pudding, soy milk) - Lau Sum Kee Noodle (Shrimp roe dry noodles) - Sun Hang Yuen (Corned beef and egg sandwich) - Tim Ho Wan (Michelin-starred dim sum spot)

Tim Ho Wan

The long and rich history makes Sham Shui Po home to a plethora of historical buildings. From the origins of street names to the backgrounds of historic landmarks, visitors will be encouraged to dig into the interesting historical anecdotes from the area.

Examples of Architectural Buildings - Garden Company - Kwan Tai Temple - Nam Cheong Pawnshop - Sham Shui Po Police Station


Whether it is a purposeful shopping trip or an aimless stroll, walking around Sham Shui Po can serve every need. The seemingly ordinary street bazaars hide extraordinary finds, ranging from toys, undergarments, and decorations to second-hand items. The shopping centers offer a wide selection of electronic products at bargain prices.

Examples of Thematic Streets and Malls - Apliu Street (Electronics) - Fuk Wing Street (Toys) - Pei Ho Street (Household items) - Golden Computer Centre and Arcade (Electronics) - Golden Computer Centre (Electronics)

Wear. Eat. Live. Walk. 

Whatever it is that you fancy, Sham Sui Po has something to offer. The best thing about it is that it has everything that Hong Kong has to offer minus the hustle and bustle of the tourists that readily flock the heart of the city. 

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