Bedtime stories ... the modern way ....

Every night, or rather, I try to do this every night with B. I read a book to him and at first, I was pretty lazy. 5 pages and we were done. Lately, I was able to finish a book and then it would take him 30 minutes or so before he falls asleep. It was pretty tiring to be honest.

However, this was one of the few bonding moments that I do cherish with my son and last night, I had a Eureka moment. I thought, with all the tutorials, videos, and what not on the net, why can't there be a short version of all the fairy tales with graphics to go?

There was! Mommy K was in heaven. However, the "buffering" from youtube drove me insane so I thought, "why not download the videos and just play it at night for B?"

Thankfully, I found a site that does just that. It's called SaveVid and it really works. Of course I wanted to share it with all the other Moms out there. Try it out! It will save you a lot of time and allow your tired self to still bond with your kid. I know I did last night. :)