It's more fun in the Philippines!

I love love love the new slogan of the Department of Tourism to encourage people to visit the Philippines.

I totally support this campaign and I hope that everyone else will too. The Philippines is such a beautiful place to visit and discover. Best part? Everything else is more fun in the Philippines. 

Don't believe me? Click this. 

Even with bloggers, simply #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines.

*** photos are not mine but owned by the DoT website and Team Manila

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  1. As a travel blogger, i do support this one too. I hope this means more friends and guests to come in.

    Crossing our fingers for Pinas!

  2. I love the new slogan! :D Yes, It's more FUN in the Philippines. :D

  3. Love the New Slogan too...:)

  4. Great way to encourage people to have fun here in the Philippines! from our festivities to our beaches to historical sites winner tayo...I support this too :)

    and whoever made the Rizal pic totally rocks!

  5. We share the same sentiment Kathy! There are those that are still team WOWPilipinas or that other slogan but I too love this one... It makes us participate more in the DOT campaign when they launched its hashtag in Twitter!

    Much love, Christia

    It's More Fun In the Philippines! from Christia's World

  6. this is good slogan! hope everyone can participate :-)

  7. I'm still quite attached to "Wow Philippines" but i'll definitely support the new slogan! :) Let us show everyone why it is more fun in the Philippines.

  8. Mahal na mahal ko ang bansang Pilipinas.. Talaga namang napakasaya sa bansang ito. Ang sarap mabuhay dito.. :)

  9. Love it and I completely agree! It's more fun in the Philippines! :)

  10. I don't like it.. But well, I'm giving it my full support. I love my country.. :)

    It's a promise.. the Filipinos should work harder to prove that this tagline is true. It's never fun to wait in a heated cab because of traffic. it's never fun to see tourists and journalists get slaughtered by rebels. It's never fun to travel to a place and get "gancho" by some taxi drivers..

    Let's all hope that all of us can work together para masuportahan tong tagline. Move, Filipinos!

    ok. enough. hehee.. just sharing my thoughts. :)

    happy 2012 po!

  11. I do support this compaign too and everyone else .Let us hope for the best.

  12. Now, thanks to the Social media for the successful campaign of the DOT..but whether it is trending or not, I still support this slogan...I just love it....simple...but true

  13. This slogan made me feel alive! hmmm makahanap ng din ng picture na pwedeng pang ganitong slogan hahahaha..

  14. i completely agree, it is indeed more fun in the Ph!


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