The last time I had dinner at Racks, I was still in high school. Back then, it wasn't really that popular and it had a lot of controversies. When my finally decided to have dinner here, I was apprehensive to be honest. I wasn't sure that we would get our money's worth but then it was my brothers treat so I was all for it.

We ordered the house specialty platters to test what they had to offer.

It doesn't look much but boy was it good. The meat was tender and juicy. It was also very tasty but not overly done. If I hadn't downed an entire Venti milk tea, I would have eaten a lot more.

What I liked best? The side dish. The broccoli and cheese was really good. It was half cooked and the cheese was just right. I could have eaten the entire thing by myself.

The macaroni and cheese was a bit bland and the french fries was nothing spectacular but the broccoli was really good.

All in all, it was a pretty great dinner. We were full and we had fun. It has been quite some time since we last went out as a family to eat out. Here's to more family dinners.

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  1. what matters to me more are the smell and taste... but if it looks good, the better... Yahweh bless

  2. Racks is a family favorite! And I haven't dined here for ages :( My mom used to buy Racks' bottled sauce and we'd pour it on everything! Haha. Good times.

  3. @ ralph: smell does play into it

    @ pinay travel: go na!

  4. I get my cravings for Racks from time to time. I order my usual of clam chowder soup, half rack ribs with mashed potatoes and corn. Ahhh I will eat some when I get back!


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