Tokyo Cafe

I recently covered the BUM Fashion show in MOA with my little sister. Afterward, we met up with my best friend and his cousin. We were all famished but we were set on having desserts at Swensens so we decided to get some light dinner. We finally decided on eating at Tokyo Cafe.

I've eaten here before with my brothers but did not have a decent camera. I'm glad I was able to eat here again, this time, charged with my trusty camera.

I like the interior of the place. It is well lighted, the chairs and couch are comfy, it feels homey, and the staff were efficient.

We ordered the Creamy Ebiko Pasta (P270) and the Chicken and Cheese Roll (P260). The pasta was actually just right. It was creamy but not overpowering. The shrimps were fresh and the pasta not overly cooked. All that was lacking was a bit more Parmesan and it would have been perfect. The chicken and cheese roll was also just right, or maybe I'm biased since I love mozzarella.

Overall, I like the simplicity of the place. It is what a cafe should be. It had good food, friendly staff, clean surroundings, and comfy chairs. I see myself coming back to this place in the future.

Best part of the day? I was with my little sister, best friend, and a new friend.

For complete photos and menu of the place, please go here.

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  1. My mom actually thought this was a cafe --- like it only serves coffee and stuff.. ;P

    Ooooh.. creamy pasta! :) Will definitely drag my mom here next time.


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