*** a post 2 months late

Around 2 months ago, we visited Lime88, a hidden gem somewhere in Ortigas (yep, its that well hidden.) What I liked about it is that they have a different take on the usual street food. I also like that they are not pretentious and the place is very casual and simple.

This is their menu.

And this is what we ordered.

street style fried rice

osso bucco style kare kare

scallop  and bacon scented betamax crumble

chicken intestines

kangkong and kesong puti stuffed chicken with mashed potato

creamy garlic tuyo pasta

street style bbq platter

tinapa and sun dried tomato pasta

crispy dinuguan
Give it a shot. It's worth it.

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  1. The kare kare and crispy dinugan looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing these! :)

  2. @ noelle: those were really, really good

    @ mitchy: IKR? Hahahaha

  3. I know the owner of that place! An ex of a friend. LOL!

  4. There's a branch so near from where I live. It's near Boni in Mandaluyong. So, there are other branches? Hmmm... I always pass this by and never stop to check it out. Now, I know better :). thanks.

  5. @ gas: really? small world

    @ pepper: give it a shot

    @ aria: kain na!

  6. This is really interesting. I'd love to try Lime88 some time soon! :)

  7. that would be very difficult to find, somewhere in ortigas! LOL!

    i like the "homey" feeling the place exudes.

  8. @ sumi: tara!

    @ totomai: sorry naman hahahaha


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