This resto was beside X046. It turns out that both places are owned by the same person. Janina and I decided to give this a shot during lunchtime earlier today. We didn't regret our choice. Overall, the place was good but I'm more inclined to visit XO46 than Raku.

The place did not give the ambience I was looking for. It seems a more posh version of Tokyo Tokyo IMO. I wasn't impressed with the place nor was I blown away by the service.

the miso soup that did not have a soup spoon
I was a bit baffled by this one. A miso soup that was really hot but did not have a soup spoon because the soup spoon was meant for  the ramen only. I asked the server 2x for one but she refused to give me one and said that I had to use the silverware on my table. Guess what happened?

I burnt my tongue. Not good.

Thankfully, the teriyaki chicken saved the day because it was well cooked and soft to chew at. The taste was right and it felt authentic. It didn't come off as merely chicken with teriyaki sauce. It truly was teriyaki chicken.

The rice was also authentic Japanese rice. It was sticky and the add on were not lacking. It was filling even though it was quite small.

Overall, its one place I'd visit though not a place that would be forefront on my head if someone would ask me where we should eat.

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