the heart attack ...

This is going to be a series of posts about my experience at Mercato Centrale. I bought  an obscene amount of food there and taste tested most. Let me share with you what I think of them.

To start off, I'll post about the donut burger, aka the heart attack.

The heart attack is actually a Krispy Kreme donut sliced in the middle and in the middle have a thick burger patty with some lettuce and cheese. Yep ... donut, burger, and cheese. Hence, the name heart attack.

It was actually pretty interesting though it was a bit hard to eat it since it was so thick. Just look at the photo below. Even my little sister was worried about me. HAHAHAHA!

And the man behind this crazy donut which is worth a shot if you ask me ... is him.

Overall, I would give it 3.5/5 ... it is worth a shot and worth ordering now and again but I would not recommend that you eat it weekly hence you want to have a heart attack. It's completely unhealthy but oh so good as well.

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