Free Rice

Please visit and play this game. It will allow you to donate 10 grains of rice per every right answer. It is and its such an easy way to help people.

As stated here ...

" The food price crisis, dubbed a "silent tsunami" for the world’s poor, is far from over. A recent study revealed that food prices are higher than they were 12 months ago in 46 developing countries. In nine of the countries, food prices are the highest on record.

The current economic crisis, first felt in developed nations, is now impacting on developing nations too. People living in these regions have much less to cushion the blow of an economic downturn and hunger is on the increase.

The combination of high food prices and the economic downturn has the makings of a humanitarian.

In the Horn of Africa, where climate change is aggravating the situation, the effects of the two crises are especially harsh. And as the global economic and financial crises compound the food crisis, hunger and malnutrition are likely to increase further."
Let's help them and be grateful we can extend this kind of help ... spread the word!

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