Lancris Residences hits HOME

I hate airports. I hate the departure area. I hate goodbyes. I hate till we meet again. I hate not knowing when you will see the other person again or not knowing if you ever will see each other again. I hate when people leave. I just hate it.

On this note, one of the places I love the most is the arrival area because it means I get to see someone I care about again. I loved it when my Grandparents would come and visit. I loved it when my Aunt would be here from UK for a visit. I loved it when friends who have been away for some time would arrive and we would catch up. This is why when I saw the video of Lancris Residences entitled Homecoming, it made me tear up. It just hit home.

My grandparents are now gone. My Aunt is visiting but we don't know when she will be able to go back again. Most of our relatives overseas no longer have a reason to go back but I know that if they had some property here, they would most likely retire here. I miss them. I pretend not to but I do.

Every OFW should have a home they can call here so that they have a reason to come back. Lancris Residences ensure that this happens.

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