music is my life ...

There are just a lot of moments in my life that music soothes. I'm one of those who, when something grandiose or a moment happens, a musical soundtrack plays at the back of my head. I know it sounds weird but really, it happens inside my head.

It could be a moment where I realize I'm falling in love and at the back of my head, "could it be I'm falling in love with you baby" would be playing. It could be a break up happening and I'm listening to Better in Time by Leona Lewis. It could be a sweet moment happening and I'd be playing Adele's One and Only.

Music comforts me. Music soothes me. It helps me survive. It helps me get by. Music is the friend I have when all my friends are busy. Music is the family I have when my family fails to understand me. Music is the lover I have when my lover decided to leave me.

Music is what gets me by. Music is my life.

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  1. Aww... Same here. I have all songs for everything... Hahaha!