coloring time ...

I got B a coloring book yesterday. I got him the crayons today. Here's the end result.

These are the moments that make up for the small heartbreaks that I experience still from time to time. I hope that one day B, you will treasure these moments just as much and you won't hate me for not having a Dad.

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  1. Wow, B colors good for someone as young as him. Most children his age that I know can't color within the lines yet. Anyway, I'm sure B will grow into a smart and loving young man. And I'm very positive that he will continue to love you achie Kay :) You are a great mom.

    1. Mommy makes sure he colors within the lines haha

  2. cheers Ms. Kay, just droppingby say hello, hope you're doin' fine

  3. Wow! Parang na-imagine ko na yan ren gagawin namin ni Travis (wag lang niya gawin drawing paper yung mga comics ko) ;-D