Rockwell with Rochelle and family

Here we are eating at Burgoo where Rochelle and family treated my family and I. It was a great dinner filled with anecdotes about life and love. It was fun catching up amidst taking care of small children who compete with the attention of their Moms.

These are the citymugs Rochelle got me. It is now added to my collection of citymugs, making it 47 at last count. I feel very happy to have such supportive friends.

And here I am with Rochelle and my goddaughter who takes after both of us, very snobbish too. LOL. She's gorgeous isn't she?

This is what I had for dinner, yep ... a salad ... to be exact, it was a Caesar Seafood Supreme Salad. It was heavenly. I loved the calamari, I loved the seafood.

And here, to add to another growing collection of mine, are ref magnets. I have over 100 at last count. I no longer know how many I have but I know that I love these ones as well.

Overall, it was another great night spent with family and friends. I love nights like these.

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