krispy kreme moment

I was at Krispy Kreme earlier today and have been there for the last 4 days since I no longer want to see Starbucks for now because it brings a lot of memories that I don't want to be reminded of. So there I was, trying to order something while calling someone who would not pick up the phone. I was getting upset and leet out a growl when the cashier/waiter asked me what was wrong.

Normally, I would have bit his head off but for some reason, this guy came as caring and I found myself answering that I was just having a really bad week. He told me, well, I hope that it becomes better in time. I thanked him and got my order.

Soon as I sat down on one of the couches, somebody called me and we talked about my problem. This person asked me something which made me cry and so I started tearing up inside Krispy Kreme. I was just feeling too emotional and raw.

Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder and soon as I turned, it was the guy at the cashier and he was holding a glazed donut with the words smile written on it (see picture above.) He told me it was on the house and he hoped that even for a minute, it would make me smile.

I felt so sad that it was a staff at Krispy Kreme who cared enough to make me smile and not the person I was hoping would text me, call me, or ask to see me that I started tearing up again. In a few minutes though, when I looked at the donut, I felt a smile forming. It was really touching and I don't know if they just have really good customer service skills or that guy was just really nice. Whatever the reason was, I love Krispy Kreme now.

And maybe, it was a lucky charm because someone important sent me a text 5 minutes after telling me to be careful on my way to work. THAT made my day. =)

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