how I help Mother Earth in my own little way

I am not a Green Peace person. I am not a member of any global warming group or Mother Nature group. No, I am not. I do care about the Earth though and so in my own little way, I help out as much as I can or as much as I know how.

Here are some ways I help ...
- I unplug the cord of my laptop when I know that the battery is full and let it use up 90% of the battery before I plug it again
- I use both sides of the paper when I print or write on it.
- We recylce supermarket plastic bags and use it as trash bins.
- If I have purchases, if its possible, I ask for it to not be placed in plastic anymore.
- We turn off the light, tv, or fan when not in use.
- We use water from washing clothes to watering the plants in the garden.
Looking at it, it seems so miniscule and so worthless but again ...
I am only one but I am one. What I do will always have a ripple effect on the world.

To see the video on Earth Hour, please click here.

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